was a news and opinion blog. We blogged about books we read, TV shows, radio programs, the media, and events relating to our walk with Christ.  The alert went dark sometime after skynet took over!

Below is for historical purposes of when the alert was online.

Both Dan and Edgar hold to a reformed theology worldview in which humanity’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.

Site History: We got the idea for this site during dinner at Red Lobster somewhere between the cheddar bay biscuits and shrimp and lobster pasta (back when it still had the red sauce and tasted good). We realized we had similar questions about Christianity, and we were both beginning to realize the world of apologetics and Christian culture. Both of us had gone to church for years without being given more than a superficial understanding of our faith. We established this website for people like us — Christians – who really want to know the Truth. We are always looking for ways to improve things, so if you have any ideas contact us via comments.

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