CBS Liberal Agenda: The Amazing Race Season Finale

On December 10, 2012, Posted by , In apologetics, With 1 Comment

Tonight during the season finale of the Amazing Race, CBS took the liberty of showing a kiss between two men without a warning to families.

And to some, this might be no big deal but to most of its audience CBS owes an apology.  For certainly throughout the entire season, there has been no display of physical affection between the two characters and it is only in the grand finale that CBS thought it might be a great opportunity to squeeze in a kiss.  Were there no other celebrations worthy of a kiss?  Why wait til the end?  Perhaps more ratings?

A warning to traditional families about an upcoming kiss between two men would’ve been much appreciated.  CBS, apology expected.

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  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for the info. The kids were watching, and the wife aborted the mission just in time. Kids don’t need to see that deviant perversion.

    I would prefer they not watch anything on television to begin with, just stick to pre-screened Netflix and DVDs. I can’t let them watch football with me anymore because of the commercials.

    Unfortunately, little to no uproar will be raised over this and other filth. Any apology issued will be phony and perfunctory. They only listen to cash, and most people don’t care if they are assaulted with such vile behavior.

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